A B O U T J L K H 3 - T H E S H O R T V E R S I O N

Also known as Johann (to family & friends), Johannes (in passport, or when in trouble), Objet d'JLK & Johnnyboi, amongst other names.


I am a thirty-something Creative Professional, proud owner of a Bachelors Degree, but master of many trades.


At some point during my career, I have worked as:


- a 3D Designer

- a Graphic Designer

- a Visual Merchandiser

- a Vinyl Cutter and Applicator

- a Stylist

- a Muralist

- an Interior Designer

- a Sales Advisor

- a Wallpaperer

- a Sous Chef

- a Barman

- a Barber


I am curious by nature, inventive and resourceful - if I don't know how to do something, I teach myself how to. Passionate, yet always professional. Good at getting on with the project at hand.


3/4 Afrikaner, 1/4 Dutch. Grew up in South Africa, resident of the United Kingdom, now finding my way in Switzerland, where I live with my partner-in-life of many years.


This portfolio is a small showcase of some of my creative practices.